5 Ways I Keep My Puppy Happy and Healthy

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A few weeks ago, our family welcomed a new furry friend into our home. Sweet Luna is a Siberian Husky puppy that is full of energy and life. Today, I wanted to share 5 Ways I Keep My Puppy Happy and Healthy so that if Santa should bring you a new puppy for Christmas, you can utilize these ideas too!

5 Ways I Keep My Puppy Happy and Healthy

  • We play stimulating games – Games are fun for everyone but especially puppies. Our sweet girl Luna loves to play all sorts of games that stimulate her brain. Our current favorite is “hide the treat”. Basically, we will let her sniff her treat and then go hide them around the house or outside in our yard. Once we’ve hid them we let her loose to find them. It keeps her busy and allows her to use one of her best senses – her nose!
  • We keep lots of toys around – As you know, puppies like to chew on everything they can get their paws on. That is why we keep lots of toys around. We have specific toys we keep in her kennel (we are currently kennel training), toys we keep outside and toys we keep in the main rooms of our home. This allows her to be a puppy and chew on things she’s supposed to chew on. So far, it has eliminated any unwanted chewing on furniture, shoes, and other items around our home. 
  • We have regular check-ups – One of the best ways to know how your puppy is doing is to take them to regular veterinarian visits. Our local animal hospital offers “puppy packages” that allow us to pay a one-time fee that covers multiple exams, immunizations, medications and more for the first year of our puppy’s life. It allows us to see her growth and know how happy and healthy she truly is.
  • We groom her regularly – One thing we have learned from having a puppy is that they are a lot like a toddler, they love to make a mess! Our sweet puppy loves to play outside in the dirt, leaves, and loves to rough play with our older dog. She ends up dirty quite often so we’ve found at-home grooming is the way to go. We use puppy shampoo and brush her several times a week. Allows us to save money on grooming while making sure she’s clean.
  • She gets great nutrition – Over the last few years we have learned a lot about pet nutrition and in my opinion, it’s the best way to help your puppy’s overall development and growth. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t confusing to know which dog food brand is the best but, choosing the right brand and nutrition for your puppy is so important (I’ll touch more on that below).

Why Choosing Your Pet’s Food is So Important

Now you know my 5 ways on how I ensure my puppy is happy and healthy but above, I mentioned the most important reason was nutrition and here’s why…

Good nutrition is the key ingredient to providing a healthy and prolonged life including when it comes to our pets. Nutrition determines what is being put into our pets’ bodies and can affect everything from their heart and brain development to the feeling of their fur. While there are so many options available to us, there are many foods that are not healthy for our pets especially puppies.

Upon doing my research, I learned that many foods contain grains and a bunch of “fillers” which are ingredients added to food to make it look like it’s good for them when it’s truly not. So, when I was introduced to Tender & True ™ food last year, I instantly became interested in trying their dog food.

Tender & True launched as a way to provide pet parents with recipes utilizing only humanely raised high-quality USDA organic, antibiotic-free and sustainably sourced proteins. In addition, all organic poultry utilized in their product are raised without antibiotics to exact protocols with 100% organic vegetarian diets and are certified humanely raised by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). This earns Tender & True ™ Pet Nutrition the distinction of being the only company that makes a full line of dog and cat food with these qualities. Plus, the food is sustainable for all stages of life so there is no worry with having to buy a puppy food then an adult food. One food – forever.

Now, while the food doesn’t change overall, you can certainly change up the flavors to keep your puppy interested in the food. Tender & True has several different flavors in both wet and dry dog food so you can keep their appetite satisfied. They even have options for cats too!

Tender and True is THE pet superfood and you can check out the full line of Tender & True products and Find Tender & True near you here. Don’t forget, with the holidays nearing now is the perfect time to show your pet just how much you care for them by using the tips I shared today.


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