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25 Dinner Patties, Melts, And Savory Cakes, Oh My!

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Patty cake, patty cake, bakers man, or, in this cake, fry it up in a skillet, man! Whether you’re talking crab cakes, or onion patties, veggie melts or something in between they all add up to the same thing: delicious, easy, homemade comfort food. And no matter what your taste, there is Something you and your family will love in these 25 dinner patties, melts, and savory cakes recipes. These easier-than-you’d-ever-believe homemade hits are going to be the go-to treats your family will beg for! The best part is, most can be made well in advance and heated in time for dinner! Oh, my!

25 Dinner Patties, Melts, And Savory Cakes, Oh My!

1. Looking for a quick fix that will wow them? These crab cakes are fast, delicious, and will always hit the spot.

2. Apple, cheddar, chicken melts are fun to fix, and craveworthy for the whole family.

3. Forget onion rings, these onion patties will rock your world!

4. Sometimes the best comfort food comes in classic, like these ham and cheese melts. Yum!

5. Can delicious also be healthy? Sweet potato quinoa cakes answer that with a big OH YEAH!

6. Fans of asian cuisine will love these Indian potato patties, otherwise known as aloo tikki.

7. Anything is amazing with bacon, and these bacon and corn griddle cakes are A++!

8. Vegetarian quinoa patties are a great way to enjoy a meat-free meal full of flavor.

9. These zucchini and feta cakes are crunchy, delicious, and make a great side or entree.

10. Check out these chicken melts if you’re craving homemade fast food. YUM!

11. Crab melts are crunchy, savory, and cheesy goodness that’ll leave you licking your lips.

12. These polenta patties are topped with eggs benedict and avocado, and pretty much perfect in every way.

13. Forget about twice baked potatoes, these loaded mashed potato cakes are the perfect way to enjoy your leftovers.

14. Tuna patties are a family favorite, and super easy to make. Make the batter in the morning, and dinner will be done in a snap.

15. Going to a party? Take these quinoa parmesan cakes and your friends will be more than impressed.

16. Do you love Frisco patty melts? This Steak and Shake copycat recipe tastes just like the original!

17. Meatloaf melts are a fun way to enjoy meatloaf…and you can eat it with your hands!

18. These sweet potato patties are a new take on the bun, and boy will you love how they taste.

19. Maine lobster cakes are a delicious classic that will leave you craving more.

20. Want a meal everyone can enjoy? Check out these vegan artichoke cakes! Delicious!

21. These corn, zucchini, and red pepper cakes are filling, but your stomach is going to keep begging for more.

22. Jamaican beef patties are a favorite comfort food that you can hold in your hand!

23. Serve up some flavor with these chicken pepper bacon melts. Everything tastes amazing with bacon!

24. Tuna melts have grown up, and you are going to love these to the last bite.

25. Try a new twist on breakfast for dinner with these waffled crab cakes. Serve with a delicious remoulade or maybe just a splash of lemon. Delish!


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