25 Weird Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Milk

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Spilled milk? Don’t cry over it! Turns out there are a lot of things you can do with milk other than use it for food. Sure, milk is great for soaking fish to get out the fishy flavor before you cook it, but did you know it can polish leather? How about fix fine china? Here are 25 alternative ways to use milk that’ll blow your mind! And next time you spill it? Don’t cry, use it!

25 Weird Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Milk

1. Anyone who has ever had cold sores knows they’re both embarrassing and painful. You can treat them faster with milk!

2. When was the last time you got ink on a blouse, or had a pen leak at the bottom of your purse? Milk works as a great stain remover.

3. Next time you need to reach for fertilizer, reach for milk! It does your garden good!

4. Forget harsh chemicals, milk works as a hair straightener, naturally.

5. Itchy eczema is the worst. Milk will give you eczema relief and help soften dry, cracked skin.

6. Silverware looking tarnished? Use milk as a silverware polish or to shine other metals in your home.

7. Soap works great for everyday cleaning, but if you need an industrial strength hand cleaner, reach for some milk.

8. Love that antique look you see on furniture? Milk will help you make a furniture paint that will give you that look, and doesn’t have the same harsh chemical odor as everyday house paint.

9. Don’t pop that blister! If you need blister relief, you need milk!

10. Make-up remover run out? Don’t run to the store, run to the refrigerator instead.

11. Next time your kids are bored, show them this awesome color-changing milk experiment.

12. Want soft skin when you shave? You can use milk to make a shaving cream that’s natural and leaves your skin silky smooth.

13. Winter does no favor to our feet. But you can soften feet and keep them looking pretty even before sandal season starts.

14. Pesky mosquitoes got you down? Treat insect bites with milk to cut down on that itchy inflammation.

15. Milk does a lot of great things, but did you know it can actually repair cracked dishes?

16. Store-bought soap can leave our skin feeling tight and dry. Instead, you can make soap that will leave you smooth, and doesn’t have the same harsh irritants.

17. No time to wash your hair? Spray in this leave-in conditioner for soft, bouncy hair on the go.

18. I have no idea why you would make homemade plastic, but knowing you can make it using milk is incredible!

19. Treat cracked heels with milk and leave your feet feeling silky smooth.

20. Next time your couch gets dirty, reach for the milk. It can clean leather on furniture, and leave patent leather shoes looking pretty and new.

21. Treat yourself to a whole-body moisturizer by taking a milk bath. Your skin deserves it!

22. Got wrinkles? You can use milk to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

23. Next time you get a sunburn, don’t reach for the aloe, reach for the milk to reduce the inflammation and sooth the burn.

24. Want to give your houseplants pretty, shiny leaves? Milk will make them look bright and polished in no time!

25. Dark spots on your face or skin? Before you turn to Microderm Abrasion, you should try milk. It will lighten the appearance of dark pigment on your skin!

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