A Lady Made A “Special” Glass Of Water For Her Cheating Husband And Now She’s My New Hero

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I have had the pleasure of feeling the sting of betrayal. It sucked, and it made me want to seek out some kind of revenge.

Betrayal is like a punch to the gut that knocks the wind out of you, making it inconceivable to even take a breath.

It’s like getting trapped underwater, and getting all the air sucked out of your lungs.

It makes your world tilt and spin off its axis just enough to turn everything upside down, blurry, and uneven. Standing upright seems an impossibility and rational thinking goes out the window.

I have experienced that sensation of feeling hurt, mad, angry, devastated, and vengeful all at once. Going through the cycle of grief when this happens is a very real thing.

There are many who would tell me to be the bigger person, or to just let it go and move on with your life, or my favorite just forgive him this little indiscretion.

Are you kidding?

Give me a minute. Let me revel in the idea of seeking revenge on the lying cheat for just a moment. Let me think of all the ways I might get back at the person who ground my trust down to nothing.

Enter my new hero, Fay Nelson.

Fay Nelson just might be my new spirit animal when it comes to getting revenge on a cheater. She does revenge right.

She caught her husband cheating, and she doesn’t bat and eyelash before she jumps into revenge mode.

Fay Nelson recently shared a hilarious video (shown below) on her Facebook site.

She is shown making a tall, cool glass of water. Only, this water is special. She includes salt, lemon juice, pepper juice, and a special ingredient all her own.

It’s a drink we have all fantasized sharing with that special cheater in our lives.

Just watch this genius at work.


Now this is a woman who knows how to get revenge!

It is just clever enough to be wicked funny, but not devious enough to be evil.

Thank you, Fay, for doing what I did not have the ingenuity to do.

Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us who have been betrayed!

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