Apparently, Elon Musk Renamed Doja Cat’s Twitter Name to ‘Fart’ After She Tried to Impersonate Him

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Y’all grab the popcorn for this one… this is crazy weird and sort of sad to be honest…

So, as you know, Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and aside from all the firings, people have thoughts about his takeover…

American Rapper Doja Cat is one of them.

But earlier last week she decided to reach out to Elon Musk after she had changed her name to “Christmas” and desperately couldn’t change it back.

Screenshot Doja Cat Twitter

“I don’t wanna be Christmas forever, Elon Musk help I’ve made a mistake.”

Screenshot Doja Cat Twitter

Elon Musk then replied saying:

“Working on it”

and then tweeted again saying:

“Pretty funny though”.

Screenshot Doja Cat

Then after some time he replied saying it was fixed and she should be able to change it back to her original name now.

Well, instead of putting her Twitter name back to Doja Cat, she decided to try to impersonate Elon Musk.

And if you thought Elon would take that well, he didn’t…

Apparently, he got revenge by making Doja Cat’s username “Fart” and that is what it remains today.

Screenshot Doja Cat Twitter

Now, Elon himself hasn’t said anything about this happening nor does he admit it was him.

But people are aware that Elon has made a strict no impersonation policy on Twitter which Doja completely violated.

And now that her name is Fart, people believe it only shows the level he’s willing to go to in order to handle things on Twitter…

So, do you think it was Elon who did it?

What a strange serious of events to wake up to this morning…

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