Avocado Toast Recipes

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Since the dawn of the age of millennials, avocado toast recipes became the ever so popular “norm” of breakfast foods.

Instead of smearing butter and jelly on fresh, warm, toasted bread, and indulge into the sweet and salty abyss of that beautiful nectar…we use avocado.

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When I first heard about people making avocado toast recipes, I almost wanted to punch someone in the throat. I’m a Southerner, so unless it was a fried green tomato…I don’t normally put anything green on toast; however, I do love avocados. I can eat avocados every day. Literally.

I like to consider myself to be an opened minded person. So I decided to “whip me up” some of that avocado toast that everyone is bragging about on Instagram.

So Many Ways To Eat It!

Instagram OVERWHELMED ME with so many fabulous recipes for avocado toast. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t JUST avocado that went on top of white bread that was toasted. People are so fancy! Just look at what I found. No wonder people are going crazy over this savory breakfast treat.


That avocado toast looks so amazing! Then we have the photo of avocado toast below. I almost didn’t find the bread because there was a full blown salad on it.


Avocado Toast Recipes To Die For

Well, now my interest was piqued. I decided to how everyone else in the world was dressing up their avocado toast recipes with, and I have to say…I was completely and pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a look at some of my most favorite ones that I’ve found so far.

Avocado Toast Recipes

These avocado toast recipes are too amazing not to share! Be sure to share on Pinterest and Facebook.

I know that I’ve probably confused the dickens out of you about which way to go, but I know one thing: I’m totally hungry and think I’m ready to tackle this avocado toast recipes dilemma of mine.

Want More Avocado Recipes? Try these!

What are some of your favorite ways to eat avocados? Got any favorite avocado toast recipes? Share them in the comments and let’s see what you’ve got!

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  1. Hello, I love Avocados as well. They make everything go from bland to tasty.I love these recipes and they all look tasty and like what I am going to try out.

    thanks for sharing.I am always looking for recipes for avocado and ways I can enjoy it. This came handy. I enjoyed going through it.

  2. Mmm I’m drooling! So nice and simple ideas. I adore avocado too, but I’m not into eating it plain bc it’s so fat and nourishing. I’m afraid it can leave any stomach a bit unsettled. So I usually make different toasts with vegetables and eggs. I love how it goes with tomatoes and rye bread. I’m used to slicing avocado and tomatoes and just putting them on a toast without any sauces. I don’t use any seasoning either, just salt and pepper them on top and that’s it!
    Now I want to try everything! That one with corn and olives is heavenly! It goes first! Thank you for this wonderful compilation!

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