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This Beer Pong Pool Float Is Everything You Need For The Ultimate Adult Pool Party

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It seems like every pool float or pool activity I see is aimed at the kids, but this… this one is definitely for the adults!


If you love beer pong, it is definitely your time to shine at the next pool party when you take this out and on to the water!

This is a 6 foot long pool float that has 10 built-in cup holders to hold your red party cups!


The 10 cup holders are made in a triangle shape at each end of the pool float for a full-sized game of pool beer pong!


There are also 4 cup holders built along each side for a total of 8 social areas to hold your drinks.

This is the ultimate adult pool party game!

The cup holders fit red solo cups perfectly. Drinks don’t spill. Seems durable but we’ve only used it a couple of times so far. We have fun when playing it.

TCBug – Amazon reviewer

The DR.DUDU Pong Inflatable Floating Raft is thick and sturdy and made from quality materials so it can handle a bit of rowdiness!


It can also be used as a floating bar even while not playing pool beer pong.

Katie – Amazon reviewer

Storage is a breeze, just dry it off, deflate it, and fold it up.

You can purchase your own pool beer pong float on Amazon!


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