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BiriBiri Washi Is The New Adult Coloring…And You’re Going To LOVE IT!

I’m always looking for new crafting fads (or new to me), and when I heard about BiriBiri Washi I knew I wanted to see what it was all about. Never heard of it before? Basically, you’ve got this special Japanese paper made from tree bark, and it’s already been dyed in gorgeous colors and patterns. Now, here’s the fun part: to do BiriBiri Washi, what you do is cut and/or rip this paper to create art that looks like it’s been painted. It really does look painted, too! So here’s my experience with BiriBiri Washi and why I think you’re totally going to dig it, too!

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BiriBiri Washi Is The New Big Art Trend…

1. Drawing and painting supplies are messy – BiriBiri Washi is not. In fact, you can create super cool pictures with your littles that look painted, but don’t have any of the normal mess you’d associate with doing kid art projects.

2. You’re already over adult coloring books – Face it, it’s relaxing and fun, but also so super mega time consuming, and what parent has time for that? Not this one. But ripping paper and creating cool collages? Uh, yeah. THAT’S stress relief!

3. The kits walk you through every step – Sure, you can freestyle this if you want, but before you do that you should follow the kit instructions. Seriously, they’re easy to follow and by learning through these steps you’ll have a better idea of what other types of things you can do with this (that you may not have thought of on your own).

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4. Worried you don’t have all the supplies you’ll need? – no worries! There’s a starter kit. And even if there wasn’t, the kinds of things you’ll need are probably already in your kitchen. The biggest two? Water and glue. There are others, and I don’t want to downplay the kit, but like I said, this is an easy project for you and the fam.

5. It’s new, so YOU’LL be the one to tell your friends all about it – how much do you wish you were one of the first to play with Washi tape? I mean, not that parenting is a competition or anything, but the first time I saw one of my daughter’s friends come over with a Washi tape decorated notebook I KNEW I had to play. Now YOU’LL be the trendsetter.

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Watch these videos below to see how fun this can be!

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