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Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Hazelnut-Flavored Cookies and They’re Perfect For The Person Who Loves Nutella

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Remember when I said Oreos kept bring out new flavors and making it hard for me to say no? Well, they’re doing it again!


How am I supposed to say no to this? Hazelnut flavored Oreos are coming out and I can not wait to try them!

I love hazelnuts! This will be more like a Nutella type filling because it is chocolate hazelnut creme!

The last time Oreo had a Hazelnut cookie, they had used golden Oreos with the chocolate hazelnut creme. It was out as a limited edition cookie back in 2018.


But more chocolate is always better right? This time they will be using the Chocolate Oreos!

The only thing is, they won’t be out until January of 2021, another reason to be ready for this year to be over right? I also found out that the Java Chip Oreos will be coming out next January as well.


So, until then I will be snacking on the Oreo Thins! They’re pretty much my favorite cookie ever. I especially love the ones that have the dark chocolate creme or the mint creme in them. They’re so good! Have you had them? What is your favorite flavor of Oreo cookies?


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