Java Chip-Flavored Oreos Exist And They Are Perfect For Coffee Lovers

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How am I ever going to lose weight being on lock down and having all of these amazing goodies coming out? I have been eating junkie nearly this whole year. Now Oreos is bring us a new flavor called Java Chip, I’m doomed.


We can all agree that Oreos are awesome right? I don’t think I have ever had an Oreo cookie that I didn’t like.

I love the Oreo thins the most! But I am pretty certain that the new Java Chip Oreo Cookies are going to be my new favorite.


It’s the cookie that we all know and love, but the creme inside is coffee flavored with chocolatey chips!

I can already see myself crunching these up over a huge bowl of java chip ice cream. It will be heavenly.

Instagram user @CandyHunting gets some inside info and said they “will be out very soon.”, but there was no other info. I need details!

One of my favorite Starbucks drinks is the Java Chip Frappuccino! I feel like this will be coming out for Fall, so maybe we will start seeing them on the shelves soon! I scoured the website and couldn’t find any info. If you happen to spot them, please let me know! I need this in my life.


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