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You Can Get A Swinging Fold Up Camping Chair And I Totally Need It

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There is a swinging fold up camping chair that exists, and I totally want it!

Y’all know I’m not a fan of the camping. It’s entirely too nature-y and outdoorsy for me. Seriously. Have y’all heard of bears?!?

If I’m going camping, it’s going to be in the form of GLAMPING, complete with electricity and comfy bed!

I’m always looking for a way to make my camping life just a little more enjoyable, and I’ve found something GREAT!!

This is a Camping Fold Up Swing Chair, and I absolutely love it!!

Can you just imagine grabbing a book, and sticking this chair by a stream or brook. Talk about relaxing!!

This chair is even more sturdy than it looks. It can hold up to 432 pounds, and that just FLOORS me!! The usual load bearing weight on a camping chair tops out at about 250 pounds!!

High quality- Use the high quality aircraft grade aluminum is designed to flex while you swing, dynamically suspending you in the air for an entirely new sitting experience. Luxury Camping Chair is sturdier than most camp chairs.


You guys — it reclines just by shifting your body weight, allowing you to find the PERFECT relaxing position, great for lounging by the campfire or relaxing with that perfect book!

Y’all. This chair has a NO-SPILL cup holder, so even while you rock back and forth in the chair, your drink stays safely by your side.

It also fold up for easy carrying. It folds up so small, it can easily fit inside a padded suitcase. WHAT?!?

This genius chair is totally coming with me on my next vacation! No more sitting on that disgusting hotel room chair!!

You can get this AWESOME swinging fold up camping chair right on the Amazon website, and it is only $109.

It is #1 in New Releases for Camping Chairs on Amazon, and it is going right into my virtual shopping cart!!

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