This ‘Christmas Morning Box’ Is A Genius Way To Take The Stress Out Of Opening Gifts

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I love Christmas…

But, every Christmas morning I am a total stress ball when it comes to 1) the mess, 2) the constant need for batteries, 3) unboxing the kids gifts, ect.

What should be a nice relaxing time with the family ends up being an endless job of cleaning and being a mom.

I mean, I’ll always be a mom. I’m cool with that. But, it can be stressful at times.

That’s why this Christmas Morning Box has become a staple in our house when it comes time to open gifts.

How To Make A Christmas Morning Box

The concept is quite simple. You gather absolutely everything you think you might need for Christmas morning, and have it available at your fingertips.

Start with a box.

Any container will do. But, I like to get a nice plastic bin — like this one — that I can close up and throw in the closet until I need it for next year.

Then, you brainstorm anything and everything that’s going to make your life easier.

You know you’re going to need batteries. Probably lots and lots of batteries.

Get different sizes HERE — AA, AAA, C, D, button batteries.

You’re also going to need scissors to open all those packages encased in plastic.

The bane of my existence on Christmas morning.

Get some scissors HERE.

Maybe come tape, perhaps some Sharpie markers, and of course, you will need little screwdrivers.

Throw it all in the box!

Then, perhaps the most important in my world, you want a roll of trash bags for easy cleanup of all the wrapping paper and discarded boxes.

Once you have all your supplies assembled, sit back and enjoy your Christmas morning. You’ve earned it!

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