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People Are Doing Color Coordinated Easter Egg Hunts and It Is Pure Genius

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The Easter holiday is t-minus well, right around corner which means Easter egg hunt planning is in full swing.

Courtesy of @coolprogeny

Regardless of what you fill your Easter eggs with, whether that’s colorful candy or coins, let’s just be honest and say that not every kid gets as many eggs as the person running beside them.

So in order to prevent tears and hurt feelings on Easter Sunday, the key is color coordinated Easter egg hunts, thanks to @Christmas mama on Facebook for sharing her holiday hack!

Courtesy of @Christmas mama

Starting with those plastic Easter eggs that always seem to go missing from the year before, grab your colored eggs and stuff them with whatever prizes you prefer, keeping in mind to include the same prize in each Easter egg for a fair game.

Need a refill?

You can find a handful of plastic Easter eggs from Amazon that come with 50 eggs in every order featuring every color of the rainbow because the more color in your egg hunt, the better.

Courtesy of Amazon

Separate your eggs by color and set them aside for now.

Courtesy of @broughtonhotels

Next, you’ll need to find colorful bins that preferably match every color from your plastic eggs bunch.

You can find pastel colored buckets for less than $20 on Amazon that will color coordinate your eggs seamlessly, or if you’d rather make the buckets yourself similar to @Christmas mama, you can find tin cans large enough to hold your Easter eggs and spray paint them accordingly!

Courtesy of Amazon

Make sure to attach a handle to each bucket for an easy hold while the kids are running and you’re done!

Cut up a thick cotton t-shirt in strips or shoe lace like @Christmas mama, that you can snag on Amazon to create the handle on every bucket.

Courtesy of Amazon

Hand out each bucket to every kid and tell them to search for the eggs that match the color of their bucket!

This way every kid gets the same amount of eggs with overflowing Easter baskets every, single, year.

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