ICEE Cookies Exist and They Taste Exactly Like Cherry Red and Blue Raspberry

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The classic ICEE frozen beverage that gives brain freeze after every three sips can now be chewed rather than slurped.

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The popular drink that turns your tongue a different color is stepping foot into the cookie aisle and leaving behind, the frozen fridges; okay, well not totally behind considering the new cookies are inspired by the iconic frozen sweet treat.

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Introducing ICEE cookies, similar to the crunch of an Oreo but different in color and taste.

Courtesy of The ICEE Company

Surrounded by two halves of vanilla wafers stuffed with one of the two classic ICEE flavors typically served from a cup, Cherry or Blue Raspberry ICEE-flavored crème is what you’ll find crammed in the middle!

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The neon colored crème filled cookies come with a side of nostalgia with every crunchy bite.

Currently stocked at Kroger stores nationwide, each cookie filled pack can be snagged for $3.29, but we all know we’re getting more than just one pack!

Just look for the fire hydrant red packaging or the vibrant blue in the snack aisles.

Courtesy of The ICEE Company

What are you waiting for?

Ditch grandma’s chocolate chip cookies for a cool blue or bright red cookie that almost tastes exactly like a frozen ICEE to ‘beat the heat’

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