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The Death of The Movie Theater?

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The other day I air-popped some popcorn and sat down on my couch to watch a movie on my big ‘ol television, and I started to wonder… are people still going to movie theaters?

Is that still something people do, or do we instead sit at home with our surround sound, hd television, fancy tv stand that keeps all our nasty dvd players, video game consoles, etc. out of sight, and of COURSE our super sweet pause button.

You see, I think the pause button is what makes my couch beat the movie theater. Movies are long, I like to drink lemonade… and if I’m going to pay $11.00 a ticket, then the last thing I want to do is miss part of it while I run to the bathroom. You know the run, right? The backward pedal out of the movie theater, the quick sprint down the hall to find the ladies room, (Why is my theater always at the other end of the building?) and the lightning quick pee followed up by a hand washing so fast that you probably shouldn’t be sticking your hands back in that jumbo tub o popcorn you’re sharing with your man.

Well, that’s the thing… with the pause button you have none of that! AND– if you miss what some super important character said, and it’s more than obvious those two seconds are what the entire story’s pivoting on–then all you have to do is rewind it and watch it again!~

Oh, plus… if it’s really boring, you can always watch the latest episode of vampire diaries.

Holy hotness…

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  1. I know. I totally have a crush on him, too. Sigh. It’s good to be a little girl (on the inside).

  2. I rarely go to the movies. It irks me that people are talking and fidgeting in the theater. And at home I love that pause button. I can stop and do other things.

  3. I actually think I’m the anomaly here. I LOVE going to the movie theatre, except when the movie is really bad. Yea, I can’t pause and being pregnant, I have to pray my bladder will make it longer than 20 minutes, but it’s those reasons that make the movie theatre more exciting to me. For 2 hours I am completely engrossed in this film. My attention is undivided. I don’t have a cell phone ringing or someone texting or emailing that I have to respond to right that second. It’s the atmosphere of the movie theatre I love. I find myself giving more emotionally.

    That being said, movies are expensive. Joe and I are fans of the $5 movie theatres. 🙂

  4. I do love going to the movies, but I also appreciate the pause button at home. I have to have a drink and snack at the movie, so bathroom breaks are inevitable. Of course, we also don’t have a nice tv or surround sound.

  5. Went to see Skyline with wife last year. We typically watch most of our movies at the heezy on my HD big ass TV with my surround sound and pause button.

    Any way, there was a scene where the aliens were coming for this dude and he had a yapping dog in his arms. Well, the tension slowly built up as the alien got closer, but the dog kept barking. There were probably about 30 people in the audience, and my wife yells out, “Shut that damn dog up!”

    And then realized what she had done (she forgot we were in a theater) so she slapped her hand over her mouth as others in theater chuckled. She was mortified!

    I laffed.

    1. @Jason, HAHA! YES!I totally forgot about the fact that I can SCREAM at the TV and say whatever I want when I’m at home!!!

  6. Yeah, I like the pause button too. But as long as people want to stay “current,” movie theaters will stay in business. There are still enough people out there who don’t want to wait the 6 months or more it takes for movies to come out on DVD.