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Here’s 10 Discontinued Starbucks Drink Recipes You Can Now Make Yourself at Home

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Starbucks is a glorious, ingenious business with massively innovative drinks. I could rave about them all day. BUT…they giveth and they taketh away…a lot.

Starbucks has made some ABSOLUTELY amazing drinks. But they are known to disappear SUPER fast, with no sight of return.

Petitions have been made, emails have been sent, and yet many of the fan favorite drinks have no sight of returning.


So I’ve gone on a very specific quest to give some of these drinks life again. I present to you…

10 Starbucks Discontinued Drink Recipes


1. The Unicorn Frappuccino

This majestic masterpiece didn’t even last 24 hours in our store. I don’t think it even made it 4 hours. It launched in 2017 and people are STILL asking about it. If it does ever come back, my mind will be blown.


2 & 3. Summer Sunset And Sunrise Drinks

Heyooo, two in one recipe. These bad boys launched in 2018 and were only available during a certain time of day. Talk about complicated if you wanted to get your hands on one. There’s a pretty good chance they’re never coming back so here’s how to finally get your hands on one or both of them!


4. The Valencia Orange Refresher

This drink was THE BOMB. I still can’t believe they took it away. I was most definitely a petition signer to bring this drink back. My hope is not fully gone yet. But until then, here’s my at-home option:


5. The Berry Sangria Tea

I was pregnant when this drink came out…and let me tell you, I had every intention to take one of these home and add a little sip sip of wine in there (don’t judge me!). But it was gone before I had the chance. So I had to fix that!


6. The Cool Lime Refresher

This one was a rough loss. Yes, it was replaced by the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, which many people like (to me, it tastes like Bath and Bodyworks), but COME ON. This is definitely a drink that has hope of returning because of the massive amounts of complaints. We shall see.


7, 8, & 9. The Starbucks Granitas

These were rough to make, not gonna lie. The at home version is WAAAAY easier. They were available in three flavors: Caramel Espresso, Teavana Youthberry White Tea and Strawberry Lemon Limeade. They are probably never coming back, except to a kitchen near you! (…your kitchen to be exact).


10. The Irish Cream Cold Brew

And last but not least, the newest of the discontinued drinks, the Irish Cream Cold Brew. The hope is that it will return next year, but we shall see. But why wait till then when you can make it RIGHT NOW.


So there you have it! 10 drinks that went away too soon that can come back into your life! Don’t see the drink you’re still longing for? Comment below which drink you’d like us to cover next!


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