DIY 2 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

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I paint my nails a lot. Seriously, sometimes I paint them more than once a day. What that means is that my hands are in a perpetual state of dryness. I have lotion on my desk, next to the sink, in my car, everywhere–but it’s not enough. I need a good sugar scrub to make my hands feel nice and smooth. The only problem is, those scrubs are expensive, and I don’t like to pay that much for something I can make myself for less than 3 dollars a jar.

Want to know how I keep my hands silky smooth?

DIY 2 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

To make this sugar scrub, you only need two ingredients:

  • Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Dishsoap (I bought mine at Wal-Mart, they had loads of different smells!)
  • Sugar  (Like the kind you would put in cookies!)
  • You can add essential oils for an extra benefit!

Easy To Make 2 Ingredient Sugar Scrub from Totally The Bomb.com


It’s really that easy. Fill up a container about 3/4 full with sugar, then fill it the rest of the way with Dawn hand renewal and now you have super froofy expensive-type sugar scrub for a fraction of the price!)=

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  1. Is this something that you wash your hands after use or do you keep it on the whole time?

  2. do you have too youse the Dawn dish soap that’s thick n.. creamy I only saw pink olay

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