Here’s A List of Foods You Should Avoid Eating Or Drinking During A Heat Wave

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It is HOT. And unfortunately, it’s only going to get hotter. So taking any preventative measures to keep from over-heating is a big deal.

Supposedly, the heat is going to be record breaking this year. So unless you plan on hiding out in your air conditioned home all day every day (like me), here are some food and drinks you should avoid to keep from dehydrating faster:

Coffee and Tea

Both coffee and tea are natural diuretics.

Diuretics can help the kidneys flush out excess water from the body, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

Great for regular days. Bad for when you need to keep water in your body. Coffee also can cause you to use the bathroom more often.

Some Vegetables

Some healthy veggies, including fennel, artichokes, and asparagus, are also diuretics. They help reduce water retention, which you don’t need during a heat wave.

There are several other foods, including onions, garlic, bell peppers, and artichokes, that tend to do it as well.


Mangos are another type of food that helps flush water out of your system, because of how high they are in potassium. Strawberries and melons are a great substitute!


You probably saw this one coming. Drinking alcohol in excess can always lead to dehydration, whether it’s hot outside or not.

It forces your liver to go into overdrive, so you may want to lighten up on the hotter days.

These just name a few of the foods with higher diuretic properties.

Avoiding these could help with this insane heat we are facing.

So drink plenty of water, apply your sunscreen, find shade when you can, and be safe out there.

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