Here Is How You Can See The Frosty Moon And Final Lunar Eclipse Of The Year!

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Sunday night turn your eyes to the sky to witness the final lunar eclipse of the year! We’re all ready to end this year right?

This is the fourth and final lunar eclipse of 2020, and this one is known as a penumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse takes place as the moon enters into Earth’s outer shadow.


You’ll be able to witness this final eclipse of 2020 on the night of Sunday, November 29th. As long as the weather cooperates you’ll be able to see it all through the night and into the early morning hours on Monday the 30th.


You’ll notice a gradual darkening of the moon until it covers about 83% of the full moon. The peak of the lunar eclipse will happen at 9:42 am UT, 4:42 am EDT and 1:42 am PDT on the 30th of November.


This moon is known by a few different names, including the Frosty Moon. Other names are the Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon, and Oak Moon. It’s called the Frosty Moon because Native Americans used the lunar months to track the seasons and this is the frosty time of year.

This is a fantastic way to move on to December and the official end of 2020! Things have got to be better in 2021!

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