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You Can Ride In A Glass-Domed Train From Colorado To Utah And I Want To Go

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Hopefully, 2021 will bring some days that are much more normal for us all, because I am really wanting to travel! A train company called Rocky Mountaineer is introducing an amazing route from Colorado to Utah for 2021 and I am ready for it!

Rocky Mountaineer

It is called the “Rockies to the Red Rocks” route and it will be a two-day rail journey between Denver and Moab. There is even an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs.


As you travel by train from Denver to Glenwood Springs you will ride alongside the Colorado River! You’ll also go through canyons with steep rock walls!


Once you pass through there, the route from Glenwood Springs to Moab will have gorgeous scenery as well! This will include rock formations, desert cliffs, and mountain vistas!


Everything about this journey is hollering at the photographer side of me! I love that it isn’t a long trip and it is something the entire family can enjoy!


You only travel by day, so you won’t miss out on the scenery during the night. While onboard you can eat regional meals, enjoy storytelling, and my favorite part… sit in the glass-dome coaches so you can see everything!


This will be ready for us all to enjoy in 2021 and they are working on custom vacation plans right now. I can not wait to hear more! They also have routes in the Canadian Rockies, I totally want to go!


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