SweeTarts Ropes Now Come In A Watermelon And Berry Flavor And I Need Them

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SweeTarts have switched back and forth between their dissolvable bite sized candies to a chewy and stretchy cream center filled rope!

The original and dissolvable candy bites that crumble on the tongue are now working out your jaw because the new Watermelon Berry Collision SweeTarts Ropes are coming soon!


The new tarty, yet fruity, but also very chewy candy is a combination between a watermelon and berry flavor, two flavors that work well in the office together.


The center is also stuffed with a white and creamy signature tart filling for an extra chewy bite.


So far, the only news there is on the release date of the new Watermelon Berry Collision SweeTarts Ropes is reportedly launching in December; however, what we don’t know is the exact date when the new fruity rope flavor releases next month.


So from here on out, only time will tell and until the next update, you can enjoy the original SweeTarts candy or a handful of their other chewy rope flavors in the candy isle which are just as good if I must say so myself!


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