Starbucks’ New Glass Tumbler Is Shaped Like a Bear Dressed in Camping Gear 

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Considering Starbucks latest tumbler creation, this funky cup might just inspire you to take on a camping trip. 

You know the one, a vacation underneath the stars, s’mores by the fire and maybe a shooting star or two, and now thanks to Starbucks, we now have a place to store our iced coffee come morning.

Introducing one of the more creative Starbucks tumblers, the summer camping bear!

Courtesy of eBay

Dressed in camping gear and ready to hike, this cold cup is unlike its competition considering the tumbler is shaped like bear!

Courtesy of eBay

Including a sun hat with Starbucks written on the front and an orange backpack strapped to the back for camping gear, this clear glass bear is ready for any adventure out on the open road.

Courtesy of eBay

To hydrate you while hiking or fishing out on an open lake under the sun, we wouldn’t blame if this cup becomes your new go-to tumbler.

Courtesy of eBay

Considering this tumbler is made of glass, this bear cup can hold both hot and cold beverages; so whether you prefer a hot tea or an iced coffee, this cup can do it all.

Courtesy of eBay

You can find Starbuck’s clear glass camping bear tumbler on eBay to take on every camping trip you take this summer!

Courtesy of eBay

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