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You Can Get Halloween Stained Glass Art That Makes Stunning Decorations For Halloween

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This is so beautiful! It is a bat made from authentic stained glass! There is no film on this glass. The iridization was actually fused into the glass when the glass was made! Iridization is what creates the gorgeous ripples and bubbles in the glass.


Her name is Amethyst, she is a glass bat that lives in her crystalized habitat. They live on the crystalized trees in the crystallized caves in the crystalline mountains on my side of The Looking Glass!!

Seller description

The bat’s wings are made of amethyst and smoky quartz colored artisan glass. This gorgeous bat hangs from a textured crystalized branch!


She’s absolutely beautiful and well made!

carolgallagher1959 – Etsy Reviewer
carolgallagher1959 – Etsy Reviewer

This beautiful piece of artwork measures 10×8 inches and would be the perfect addition to a covered porch area! I love it!

Gorgeous piece, the artist is so talented and very kind! Thanks so much! Will definitely purchase from again.

Jax – Etsy Reviewer

You can secure the bat and her branch to any corner, window, or patio that you want to add some whimsical magic! Just use some small screws to secure her.


You can purchase your very own Amethyst the stained glass bat from TheSweetKarmaBar on Etsy for only $159! This would be such a gorgeous one of a kind gift for someone that loves bats or as a unique Halloween decoration!

They also make some cool spiderwebs! You can get the spiderwebs here.


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