Here’s How to Fix Dry Raw Hands from Hand Washing

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I have always just assumed that most people wash their hands obsessively as I do. But then again, most people do not have a compromised immune system, so it probably didn’t concern them as much.

I wash my hands obsessively. You should see me when I cook! It appears to be a bit overkill to many, but now I bet you are probably washing your hands almost as much as I do.

You have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in order for it to be effective. A rinse and shake don’t do you any good.

Some people are using songs to help them wash their hands for the proper time.

When you are constantly washing your hands they can become super dry and even crack! It burns and it is pretty ugly and uncomfortable.

The main way to handle this is to moisturize. After you have properly washed your hands, dry them, but don’t over-dry. Then apply a good moisturizer.


I say skip the lotion because since they are usually waterbased, they can actually make your hands even drier.

I recommend Aquaphor Healing Ointment! When they are really bad, I use Lanolin!


At night, go ahead and put on a pair of cotton gloves after moisturizing to help keep your hands from drying out even more.

Be sure to have your moisturizer of choice easily within reach. Put one in your purse! Keep one next to all of the sinks in your house too! Trust me, when they crack, it sucks!

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