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The Holiday Chapstick Lip Balm Gift Sets Are Here With Limited Edition Flavors

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You can NEVER have too many Chapstick lip moisturizer sticks floating around in the depths of your purse. And, my favorites are always the holiday flavors that you can only get this time of year!!


It is that time of year to be thinking about all things stocking stuffers and fun little Secret Santa gifts, and these Chapstick Lip Balm Kits fit the bill just perfectly!


Of course, they come stocked with flavors you can ONLY get seasonally during this festive time of year.

Limited-edition holiday collections include giftable packaging and traditional seasonal ChapStick flavor favorites, perfect for gifting and stocking-stuffing


There are 10 tubes of Chapstick Lip Balm in each gift set!

You get 10 (TEN!!) tubes of Chapstick lip balm in each of these kits, so they will keep your lips soft and kissably subtle all year long!


There are 5 different flavors, and you get 2 tubes of each: Cocoa, Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin, Peppermint, and Vanilla ChapStick.

My absolute FAVORITE, that I wait impatiently for each year, is the PEPPERMINT! Who’s with me?!? I always run out of it about July, and kick myself for not stocking up on more!


I had specifically been looking for the Holiday Cocoa flavor after I lost my old one, and was having A LOT of trouble finding it, so I was happy to find this listing. At first, I wanted to only order the one flavor, but all of these are great so I’m glad it came in a variety package. 

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I love that these are basically already wrapped in a cute Chapstick box, and all you have to do is fit them down inside those stockings!!


These Chapstick Lip Balm Kits run just over $14, and they just may be everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer this year.

You can get your own Holiday Storybook Holiday Flavored Lip Balm Gift Set from the Amazon website.


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