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The Best Halloween Playlists To Get You In The Spooky Mood This Holiday Season

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It is now October, which means we are officially in the season of all things spooky!!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to have music blasting in my house when it comes to getting ready for and celebrating ALL the seasons.

To start you off in the Halloween spirit, we have compiled a list of playlists and songs to keep you in that fun, macabre, and maybe just a bit of a spooky mood for the most creeptastic of all the holidays this year!

So bust out your smart device, and get to opening those Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and YouTube apps, because here we go!!

With over 25,000 likes and 60 songs, this Halloween Playlist 2021 🎃 Best Songs playlist, on Spotify, has a bit of all your favorites. From The Nightmare Before Christmas to “Thriller” you’re going to want to turn up the speakers and jam out to the Best of the Best that Halloween has to offer!!


Halloween Party Radio, on Pandora, will get you in the perfect mood for your very own Monster Mash! This station has everything from Halloween classics, R&B scary favorites, oldies, alternative, and your favorite soundtracks for the spooky season.

Halloween Horror Hits, on Pandora, is a collection of 40 of your Halloween favorites. From “Abracadabra”, to “Werewolves of London”, to the theme from the Munsters, you and your family will have fun getting ready for all things not-quite-so-scary!

Don’t Forget The Kids!

The Disney Halloween Playlist (which might be my favorite), on Spotify, is exactly what it sounds like. Jam out to 60 songs from the likes of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Phineas and Ferb, and Toy Story of Terror.

The Halloween Classroom Playlist, on Spotify, is a totally kid-friendly list of not-so-spooky songs that will treat you and your family to a fun Halloween season.

Hallow’s Eve – A Vintage Music Playlist, on YouTube, compiles a list of old-school Halloween favorites. From “Jeepers Creepers” (Al Donohue and Paula Kelly), to “Spooks” (Louis Armstrong), to “I’m The Boogie Man” (Todd Rollins) you can trip down Halloweens of the past with this fun playlist.

Spooky Sounds

Halloween Sounds, on Amazon Music, is a spooky ambiance soundtrack that will greet all your guests to a frightening and fun Halloween!

Jack-O Lantern Lullabies, on YouTube, isn’t a playlist for the babes. It’s creepy ambiance music that will send you right into the middle of the terror!

The 🎃 Halloween Hip Hop Mix, on YouTube, is your go-to for all things macabre party style music.

Pick one or pick them all!! You won’t be disappointed by this selection of spooky Halloween music!!

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