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JoJo Siwa Just Revealed She Has A Girlfriend and I’m So Happy For Her

Ahhh you guys! I am loving JoJo Siwa right now.

A few weeks ago she came out as gay and addressed what that meant to her fans. Which at the time, she didn’t know what to call herself.

JoJo Siwa Twitter

During one of her videos on Instagram she discussed that if she were to be in a relationship with a guy then great and if it was with a great then great.

I totally agreed!

Well, now she has revealed that she officially is taken and has a girlfriend!! I am so happy for her!

She talked about it Wednesday night on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

JoJo says working on a TikTok at the “Pride House” got her thinking about outing herself, and she decided to just go for it … with some extra encouragement from her girlfriend.

She says she was FaceTiming with her girlfriend when she posted that photo one Twitter (the one where she’s wearing the “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.”) t-shirt — and then went right back talking to her like it was no big deal.

You can watch the video from last night below.

You can also watch the Dance Battle between JoJo and Jimmy below.