Home Depot Is Selling Lifesize Wicked Cauldron Witches That Cast Spells To Brew Up Trouble

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Kudos to Home Depot for selling so many exciting, spooky and frightening items to decorate the outside and inside of your home for Halloween!

Courtesy of Home Depot

Home Depot is the definition of go big or go home, considering many of their Halloween decorations are life size and get ready to add one more…

Home Depot is selling 6 ft. Animated LED Witches that are absolutely spine-chilling.

Courtesy of Home Depot

The three witches can be placed on the outside or inside of your home to turn any living room or outside porch into a witch’s potion brewing quarters.

Together, the three witches simultaneously have yellow glowing eyes while two of the witches are stirring up a potion in their cauldron. They even say some creepy things too!

Courtesy of Home Depot

These three would be a perfect addition to complete the chilling vibe you’re going for on Halloween night and you can purchase the animated witches on Home Depot’s website for 180 dollars.

Courtesy of Home Depot

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