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Okay, so I am finally feeling the blog…

After spending most of the afternoon begging the husband to update the blog, (I kid, he was more than willing) I have a new look! I am so in love with this look, too. I love that it has widgets that I can move around when I get bored… I love that I made the little logo in the corner (with mirror effect and all) and I love that it is on a white background! I love love love it! This blog has had a lot of different looks, but I am totally digging this one.

For starters, it started as a free wordpress theme from scribblescratch, so total kudos to them…and then they even included an empty header so I could add my OWN logo… which I totally made myself (by pretty much copying their idea, might I add) and I LOVE that it is three columns.  I have been a two colum blogger forEVER, but it was time to move it on up to the three, because I just have so much going on now!  I love that it has a small header, because I don’t like taking up half my screen with cute header image… i just love everything about it.

I asked around to a lot of different designers, and I just couldn’t get a wordpress theme in a reasonable amount for a mommyblog that doesn’t really make any money… and after like five days of theme searching, I didn’t think I would find it!  But I am happy that I did, and that it is so super cute!