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I knew this was going to happen!!!

So, I had two book ideas bouncing around in my head, right? An idea for a young adult novel, and a women’s fiction novel. I started by writing the women’s fiction novel, and I am more than halfway done with it, but now the ideas for the young adult novel just keep popping into my head.

Can I write two books at once? That doesn’t seem like a very wise idea. It seems to me like I will get overwhelmed, and then I won’t be able to finish either of them… but right now I really want to work on the YA novel!

But, I am like building up to the climax in the women’s fiction novel, so I am thinking that maybe I should worry about that one instead. I have to say that I really do like it, and I like the direction it has taken, but I have this other book in my head that I can’t seem to get out!

I bought a cute notebook at target yesterday… it totally matches my purse and everything. (What?) So I started taking my notes in there, and I think I kind of like that style of writing better. The novel I am writing now has an outline, I just never committed it to paper, instead I just sort of let it sit in my head and I kind of just started writing… but I like the ideas of having ideas on paper, and feeling a little more prepared to start the next one… it seems to me like that will probably make it easier when I start writing it.

I guess for now, I should keep working on my original novel and see where that takes me, if nothing else, it is good practice for the next book, right? I still like it too… I am just all jazzed up about my next project! Maybe I will be more into it once I get to the good part! I guess I should just write and see, eh?