What Makes You Stop?

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This morning I was listening to a radio show. I’ve been listening to this same radio show since junior high, and often times they’re so funny I stay in my car until they finish whatever bit they’re doing– because I’m a girl who loves a good joke.

So, this morning, I’m doing the sit-in-my-driveway-drink-my-Starbucks-and-listen-to-the-radio thing while they make me laugh out loud. Then someone makes a snot rocket joke. Now, don’t get me wrong– I love me some 13-year-old-boy potty humor, but I hate snot. So what do I do? I immediatly turn off the car and go inside.

Then, I got to thinking…

All it took was one bad joke to lose a listener.

Wow. They had me literally in tears from laughing so hard, and they had me on the hook until they made one stomach churning remark. Is this how the rest of the world is? Or am I just completely intolerant? Is there something that would have made me more likely to sit through the jokes?

Then I got to thinking about my own stuff. My own writing, and my own marketing job– it’s basically my entire life’s work to keep people from stopping. Is that an impossible task? Am I funny/witty/creative enough to do that?

And what about you? What’s something that makes you stop listening/reading/talking to a person, etc.?

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  1. Since I have a dirty sense of humour and basically no filter, I can handle a lot, even mildly racial jokes about bad Asian drivers (I am half-Asian), but nasty racist comments and homophobic comments turn me right off.

  2. Nice to meet you! First time visitor. *waves*

    In answer to your question:

    Moaning and complaining. It’s okay to have one bad day, to have an incident here and there that really tweaks you – one you have to vent about. I get it. But incessant FML is a good way to shoo me off the porch, if ya know what I mean. Ironically, the opposite is true. I may write a blog entitled Sm:)e Feel Good, but there’s pleny o’ funny in there not all vibrating happiness and puppies and rainbows. Someone who is Pollyanna all the time can get as old as a Scrooge, imo. 🙂

  3. I have a friend who can’t even talk about medical stuff that is anywhere near gross…or he passes out. Just TALKING about it makes him pass out.

    It’s his kryptonite. I know his weakness. I have the advantage.

  4. I have a friend who can’t even talk about medical stuff that is anywhere near gross…or he passes out. Just TALKING about it makes him pass out.

  5. I stop when I get bored. And I noticed recently that I get to that point faster and faster. That’s maybe the downside of the instant entertainment people are used to nowadays. It worries me, though. I need to build up patience. 😛

    1. @Hermina, oh I TOTALLY hear you! I am the same way… it’s like now that we don’t watch commercials, we don’t really DO boredom AT ALL!

  6. For me the one thing that will make me stop listening, reading or talking to a person is hatred. If you say anything is hateful against gays or a racial group for instance, I’m outta there.