How To Host A Virtual Easter Egg Hunt While Social Distancing

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Just because we are stuck at home, doesn’t mean your family can’t get together on Easter for that egg hunt!

My kids wait ALL YEAR to get to their Easter Egg hunt on, and I’m not going to disappoint them this year. The family is all getting together on video chat, and that egg hunt is STILL going to happen.

Here’s how to have a virtual Easter Egg Hunt At Home

1) Designate a person to be the host of the egg hunt. If that is YOU, make sure you gather your supplies well before hand.


Get those little Plastic Fillable Eggs, and stick a few pieces of candy in each one. Hide them in your front room — or wherever you are going to have the hunt — before the family gets together for the virtual Easter call.


Have one Easter Basket for each kid on the call. You will fill the baskets with they eggs they “find.”


2) Test out the technology before the actual Egg Hunt. Have all the adults get on a call together, and make sure everyone can see each other clearly.


You also want to do a practice run, and make sure the people on the call can see around your house as you make a practice search.

3) Make sure the adults have candy in their houses. You want the kids to be able to actually get to enjoy candy and prizes from the hunt!


On The Day Of The Hunt —

Hide your eggs before the call. They should be visible, but hidden in plain site — does that make sense? Like, hide them on the couch, but in FRONT of throw pillows, so the kids on the phone can still see them.


Gather everyone on the call, and let them know the rules: You are going to walk around the room, with the camera held out for them to see. When they see an egg, they yell their name. You put the egg they “found” in their basket.


When the hunt is over, you can open their eggs, and show them what they “won.”

Then the adults can hand out the candy they have at their house, and the kids get to eat it.


Everyone wins! You had a fun Easter Hunt, the kids still get candy — and YOU get to eat all the candy from the eggs. Ha!

Have a GREAT Easter, and stay safe out there.

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