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Ian Ziering Was Recently Physically Attacked By Bikers And Now He’s Breaking His Silence

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Ian Ziering was captured on camera getting attacked on New Year’s Eve by a gang of people on mini bikes.

Do NOT tell me you don’t know who Ian Ziering is. The OG 90210?

So, Ian was driving with his daughter on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, minding his business.

All of a sudden, this group of people on motorized mini bikes shows up. They can be seen weaving in and out of the busy traffic on Hollywood Blvd.

It isn’t quite clear what happened — perhaps one of the bikes sideswipes Ian’s car? — but on the video, put out by TMZ, Ian gets out of his car, and begins wailing on one of the mini bikers.

The incident erupts into a violent brawl, when the bikers turn on Ian, and start attacking.

It lasts all of 20 seconds, and then Ian gets back in his car and drives off.

The mini motor bikers also get the hell out of dodge before any cops can show up to the scene.

Now, Ian is speaking out about the incident that went down on Hollywood Blvd. on New Year’s Eve.

Ian took to Instagram — the place we go to get ALL our news, right?!? — and here’s what he had to say…

Yesterday, I experienced an alarming incident involving a group of individuals on mini bikes. While stuck in traffic, my car was approached aggressively by one of these riders leading to an unsettling confrontation. In an attempt to assess any damage I exited my car. This action, unfortunately, escalated into a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself.

Ian Ziering

I am relieved to report that my daughter and I are both completely unscathed, but the incident has left me deeply concerned about the growing boldness of such groups who disrupt public safety and peace.

Ian Ziering

This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior.

Ian Ziering

As a citizen and a parent, I find it unacceptable that groups can freely engage in this kind of behavior, causing fear and chaos, while the response from authorities seems insufficient.

Ian Ziering

I have always been an advocate for standing up against intimidation and misconduct, and this incident reinforces my belief in the importance of personal and community safety. We must address the underlying issues that lead to such disruptive behavior and ensure that our streets are safe for everyone.

Ian Ziering

I urge city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness and provide the necessary resources to prevent future occurrences.

Ian Ziering

I am thankful for the support of my family, friends, and fans during this time. It’s in challenging moments like these that the strength and unity of our community are most vital. Happy new year.

Ian Ziering

What are your thoughts? Is he onto something or is he full of crap?

You can watch the entire TMZ video of Ian getting attacked by mini bikers HERE.

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