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International Delight Cold Foam Is Now A Thing And My Mornings Are Complete

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International Delight has done it again…

They really bring it when it comes to the best creamers of the season — Friends Creamer, Grinch Creamer, Willy Wonka Creamer, just to name a few.

But now, International Delight has jumped on the Cold Foam bandwagon made popular by Starbucks, and I really couldn’t be more giddy.

International Delight is bringing 3 new canned Cold Foam Creamer Toppers to the table, and YUM!!

Sweet & Creamy, Caramel Macchiato, and French Vanilla are the new International Delights Cold Foam flavors.

Give me all the Sweet & Creamy, please!!!

These International Delights Cold Foam Creamers are as easy to use as a can of whipped cream.

You just shake it, foam it, and sip it.

This would be DELICIOUS to top your morning cup of coffee, but wouldn’t it also be tasty on hot chocolate?!?

Now, the bad news is that these International Delights Cold Foam Creamers are only available in the Northeast United States right now.

Never fear, however, they are going to hit shelves across the nation in early 2024.

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