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Jack In The Box Just Released Boba Drinks And My Holidays Are Now Complete

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I’m not going to lie — Jack In The Box is one of my favorite fast food restaurant chains.

Sad News Side Note: I moved, and my closest Jack In The Box is 2 hours away. *Cry Emoji*

That’s even more of a bummer, because Jack In The Box decided to release just about my favorite thing on earth.

Jack In The Box just introduced new Boba Drinks, and I’m about to drive my butt 2 hours for a drink and a taco.

Jack In The Box

These Boba Drinks were tested earlier this year in 3 Southern California cities, and apparently they did well, because now they are available nationwide.

And, really, I couldn’t be more excited!!

Jack In The Box

These Jack In The Box Boba Drinks are available in 2 different flavors: Iced Coffee with Boba and Milk Tea with Boba.

Quite honestly, I’ll take one of each, please.

Jack In The Box

It’s about time! Boba is so popular here in the United States. I’m not quite sure why other restaurants aren’t hopping on the Boba Tea craze.

So, all you lucky people who live near a Jack In The Box, make these Boba Drinks part of your holiday hustle and bustle!!

I can only imagine how tasty it would be to drink one of these Jack In The Box Boba Drinks while running around and doing all my Christmas shopping.

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