Jamie Lee Curtis Wore A Dress Made from Sustainable Materials To Honor Betty White

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Betty White is still making her mark even though she is no longer with us.

Tonight marks the 2022 Oscars and Betty White is there in spirit!

Jamie Lee Curtis took the red carpet to show off her stunning navy sparkle dress and explain why she was wearing the dress.

The main reason: Betty White!

In a red carpet interview, Jamie went onto explain:

“Betty White was an animal rights activist and when I knew I was going to make a statement about her I went to Stella McCartney, who is an animals right activist. Stella, who uses sustainable materials [and] non-animal materials,”


She continued saying:

“I went to [her] and said, ‘Hey, is it possible you might have something for me to wear to the Oscars?’ And they made me this dress. I feel like it is telling Betty’s story.”

I love this so much! I love Jamie Lee Curtis and I love her even more now that she went this far to make sure she was honoring Betty White!!

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