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Kit Kat Has a New Apple Pie Flavor Hitting Stores This Summer and I’m So Excited

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Do you like apple pie? I sure do! It is one of those comfort foods that I get severe cravings for, however I have never made a real pie. I always grab a premade one from the frozen section at the store, or one that is ready to eat from the bakery.

I have wonderful news! I mean, it’s wonderful to me because apple pie makes me happy and I sure could use some more happy things right now in my life.

Sometime last year there was a rumor floating around that Hershey’s was planning on making a Kit Kat that was apple pie flavor! Well, apparently it wasn’t just a rumor!


It is happening! This summer they will be debuting the newest Kit Kat flavor! Kit Kat Apple Pie and I can NOT wait!

Apple pie is an all American favorite right? They will be out just in time for the 4th of July!


The Kit Kat Apple Pie will be the crisp wafers we all love, however, they will be slathered and covered with an apple pie flavored creme!

It will sadly only be a limited edition, so be sure to keep watch and snag them up when you see them!


These will be available at retailers nationwide beginning July 2020! It will be the same sized package as a regular Kit Kat and will cost you only about $1.09. I’m currently on the hunt for the Kit Kat Birthday Cake! Have you tried it?


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