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The New Cheesecake Factory Mix-In Desserts Look Heavenly

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Y’all… I have a mighty strong need to try all of these! The Cheesecake Factory Mix-In Desserts sound so good and they come in a single-serve 5-ounce cup so that I won’t overdo it… or will I?

The Cheesecake Factory At Home

Lakeview Farms is the manufacturer of the line of The Cheesecake Factory At Home products. I still haven’t been to The Cheesecake Factory in person and I think I may be the only person that hasn’t.

These desserts are made with a pudding base on one side, and then a separate compartment found in the lid that holds the mix-in! You just open it, pour in the mix-in, stir and eat!

There are 3 flavors to choose from and they all sound amazing!

  • Cafe Mocha: Which is an espresso-infused pudding. The mix-in is a dark chocolate cookie crunch!
  • Crème Brûlèe: Is a crème brûlèe-inspired pudding. It comes with a caramel crunch mix-in!
  • Red Velvet: This is a red velvet-inspired pudding. The mix-in is cream cheese frosting chips!

You should start seeing The Cheesecake Factory Mix-In Desserts in stores now. You’ll find it in the refrigerated dessert section most likely by the puddings and yogurts. All the flavors of our favorite desserts! I can not wait!

Have you spotted them in stores yet and tried them? Which was your favorite? I think that the Cafe Mocha will be my favorite, but I will definitely be trying every variety! Don’t forget they have other products in stores as well like the ones below!


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