KitKat’s New Chocolate Bar Will Taste Exactly Like A Chocolate Frosted Donut

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The perfect KitKat flavor doesn’t exist, except now it does.

KitKat’s latest flavor is inspired by your hometown’s bakery.

That’s right, the candy company is releasing a new flavored wafer that tastes exactly like a hot donut fresh from the oven.

So there’s basically no need to run to the nearest Krispy Kreme if you have a hankering for a donut for dessert because we’ve all been there, and have done that.

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What’s dubbed the new Chocolate Frosted Donut from KitKat, the crunchy new wafer might just be KitKat’s greatest creation yet.

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For chocolate lovers (sorry vanilla fans), the new wafer is coated in a donut flavored milk chocolate and creme that accentuates the chocolate coating on this wafer.

So expect to be reminded of a fresh donut every time you take a bite.

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KitKat’s Chocolate Frosted Donut is expected to release soon, but as for an exact release date, the candy company has currently kept that a secret.

Although here’s hoping we see the new candy stocked on store shelves soon.

Courtesy of @snackbetch

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