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A Little Debbie Park Exists and I’m Packing My Bags!

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Yes, you read that right! A Little Debbie park exists!

At first, I was mad that I missed out on this all the years I lived in Tennessee, but the park opened last year.

McKee Foods Corporation opened the Little Debbie-themed park in 2023 and it looks like so much fun! A photographer like me would have a blast with all of those photo ops!

Image Credit: Matt Mitchell

I mean, who doesn’t love Little Debbie snacks?

There is even a bronze statue by Bronze Sculptor and Muralist Alex Paul Loza of Debbie!

Image Credit: Christal Maiden

Throughout the park, you will find giant sculptures of your favorite Little Debbie snacks! It’s even referred to as the “Sweetest park in Tennessee”!

Image Credit: news5wcyb

Not only does the park have the Snack Cake play sculptures, but there is also a large pavilion with restrooms, a playground for the kids, swings (my favorite, even though they hurt these old hips), and picnic tables!

Image Credit: blake_forward

The Little Debbie Park is 10 acres of sweetness and is open to everyone! The park is located at 4698 Swinyar Drive in Collegedale, Tennessee.

Image Credit: blake_forward

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