Lunchables Released Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Their Snack Packs That Are Guaranteed To Be Crispy

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Lunchables snack packs are more than just deli meats and crackers.

After introducing real fruit to their popular packs not too long ago, Lunchables has now made the decision to add a more, cheesy twist to their convenient lunch boxes.

Enter, the new Grilled Cheese Lunchables.

What’s technically dubbed as their “Grilled Cheesies”, this new line of Lunchables packs a melted grilled cheese sandwich that mom used to make!

Courtesy of Lunchables

Although packaged frozen, you can count on the Lunchables’ grilled cheese sandwiches to come out crispy, thanks to the specially designed “360CRISP” packaging that cooks every grilled cheese into a crisp golden brown.

Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

Oh, and did I mention all of this can be achieved with just the microwave, and not the stove?

That’s right, and you also count on this meal to finish cooking in just 60 seconds.

Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

Simply toss your “Grilled Cheesie” in the microwave, wait 60 seconds and after letting the sandwich stand for 1 minute, prepare for the ultimate cheese pull when dividing this sandwich in half.

Available in two varieties including Original and Pepperoni Pizza, the only hard part will be deciding which crispy grilled cheese sandwich to pick for lunch.

Courtesy of Lunchables

Just kidding, the obvious choice is Pepperoni Pizza.

Lunchables’ Grilled Cheesies are expected to launch this month nationwide at select grocery stores, so keep your eyes peeled for these two new snack packs when shopping through the aisles!

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