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McDonald’s Is Finally Bringing Back Their Snack Wraps, But There’s a Catch

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Okay, McDonald’s has caved.

It’s been seven long years since the golden arches discontinued one of their most popular menu items.

Of course we’re talking about, the infamous Snack Wraps.

Chicken wrapped with a soft tortilla on the outside and stuffed with shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and a mayo-style sauce on the inside, but we don’t have to tell you the details to jog your memory of what once was.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

But, since McDonald’s believes in the spirit of a Christmas miracle, the discontinuation of the Snack Wraps is finally coming to a hault.

According to USA Today, McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger recently confirmed in an annual investor meeting that the Snack Wraps are officially returning to menus!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

That’s right, go ahead and pinch yourself because you are not dreaming.

Although with the return of the Snack Wraps, there is one small catch.

The Snack Wraps will stuff a new crispy chicken that takes after the McCrispy sandwich, (which will also be offered in tenders too).

And who can say no to an extra crispy crunch with every bite?

Courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s says that we can expect the new and improved Snack Wraps to return to menus in 2025, so while we still have a little over a year to wait, at least the silence has finally been broken.

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