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Meet Reesa Teesa, The Woman Who Filmed 50 Videos to Share Her Story Of Marrying A Pathological Liar

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Grab your popcorn because if you haven’t gone down the Reesa Teesa rabbit hole yet, you are about to get hooked!

Reesa Teesa is the most famous woman on TikTok right now and with good reason… She has made over 50 videos to share her story of marrying a pathological liar.


Reesa Teesa’s series has been titled “Who TF Did I Marry?” and as you can imagine, this story has gone viral because people cannot seem to get enough.

Each of her videos in the series has been viewed MILLIONS of times and her story has captured the attention from people around the world.


In her introduction video she introduces herself and says, “This is the series about how I met, dated, married and divorced a pathological liar”.

She talks about how she plans to be honest but fair and will keep the names of those involved, anonymous.


In her first video of the series, she talks about referring to things as “The United Nations of Red Flags” things she should have noticed in the beginning as a red flag but didn’t.

Honestly, the entire story is wild.


If you need something to do today, go through her series and watch it.

When you’re ready to watch her series, go to her TikTok Profile HERE and then click on the “Who TF Did I Marry?” series. You can then watch the videos in order there.

Good luck and prepare to have your mind blown!!

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