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Selena Gomez Is Releasing a New Song Soon and It’s All About Her Trip to Paris

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Selena Gomez is getting flirty with her music.

Selena is officially back in the booth with another new single that’s debuting very soon.

Unlike her last hit song “Single Soon”, that talked about having fun while being single, her upcoming new song sounds like it may be just the opposite!

But more specifically, “Love On” is expected to be a “fun and flirty song inspired by the months Selena spent in Paris last year”, according to a recent press release.

Courtesy of @selenagomez

It’ll also be her first single released this year!

Since sharing the new song “Single Soon” back in August, it’s about time we downloaded new music from Selena because who else is already planning on downloading the new song as soon as it debuts?

Courtesy of @selenagomez

The new song, which Selena announced on Instagram, was accompanied by her new album cover which shows Selena dressed in a white robe with her hair wrapped up in a towel.

The relaxed look, was also paired with white sunglasses and fancy jewelry which gives the entire outfit an “I’m on vacation” vibe.

Courtesy of @selenagomez

And considering the new song is all about her trip to Paris, we’re assuming this album cover may have been shot right in her hotel room!

Now we all know Selena is currently in a relationship with Benny Blanco, so can we expect a few lines in the new song that talk about her love for Benny?

Courtesy of @selenagomez

Selena’s new song, which we’re sure will be a hit, releases in less than 48 hours on February 22!

Courtesy of @selenagomez

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