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Brian Laundrie Allegedly Purchased A Burner Phone The Day He Went Missing

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Apparently, the feds are investigating an alleged purchase of a burner phone by Brain Laundrie… it was purchased on the day that he went missing.

Moab Police

TMZ has sources that are connected to the manhunt for Brian and they reported that FBI agents have seized surveillance footage.

Gabby Petito

The store is an AT&T store located in North Port, Florida, which is near the Laundrie family home.

Why would an innocent person need to purchase a burner phone before “going hiking”?

Moab PD

The word is that allegedly Brian was with an “older woman” when he allegedly went to the AT&T store and purchased the phone on September 14th… you know the day his parents supposedly last saw him.

Gabby Petito

September 14th is the day that Brian’s family said he left the home with his backpack to go hiking at the nature reserve.

He never returned home and his family waited until September 17th to report him as missing, how convenient.

Sorry, there is no way that I buy the story his parents are dishing out… they are helping him in my opinion.

No answer means yes, right?

TMZ attempted to get more information from the AT&T store but was told by an employee that she could not confirm nor deny what they were asking, she was told not to talk about it.

When TMZ contacted AT&T corporate after being shut down, they were told “Thanks for contacting us.  I have to refer you to law enforcement on this one”.

Gabby Petito

I don’t know about you, but not being able to answer with yes or no definitely leads me to believe that he did indeed purchase a burner phone from the store that day.

Steven Bertolino the Laundries’ family attorney says that they did buy a new phone and that he believes that is the phone already in possession of the authorities and that Brian left it behind.

I dunno, I’m waiting to see what Dog The Bounty Hunter pulls off.


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