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You Can Make A Mini Greenhouse With A Dollar Store Umbrella. Here’s How.

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I don’t like to spend a lot of money, so I am always looking for cheaper ways of doing things. This one is so brilliant that I just had to share it with you guys.

Gardening tips are always so helpful. I mean, gardening is a lot of work and we want to make sure our plants thrive and produce right?

If you happen to be container gardening in tubs, this tip is perfect for you! It all starts off with the dollar store so you know it’s a cheap hack!

garden_therapy – Instagram

Cheap, clear, dollar store umbrellas y’all! Use them to make mini greenhouses! It works best if your plants are in like a circular bin, round tub, or a pot.

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Set up couldn’t be any simpler! First, get all of your plants potted. Then prepare the umbrellas by opening them and removing the handles.

b3h0ld1ng__ – Instagram

You can choose to leave the handle on if needed. It may help keep it more secure over your plants. It really just depends on your set-up.

garden_therapy – Instagram

Then you place the dome over your plants! Since it is made of clear plastic it will let the light in while trapping moisture.

olive_garden_story – Instagram

The mini greenhouses will also protect your plants from heavy rain and other harsh weather. Not too mention, it will help protect the plants from unwanted pests!

olive_garden_story – Instagram

I think it’s pretty simple and pretty brilliant! Looks like a winning tip to me!

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  1. I can not find them at the dollar store. I live in Stockton Ca.