M&M’s Is Releasing A Black Forest Cake Flavor Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

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Forget the red and green, M&M’s has already released a new Valentine’s day chocolate covered candy flavor that’ll make you want to say “I do” rather than “happy holidays!”

Since chocolate is a romantic gesture on the day of love, it’s no wonder why M&M’s chocolate covered candy recently had a makeover. 

Courtesy of @mmschocolate

Introducing M&M’s newest Valentine’s day flavor, Black Forest Cake; this new flavor will have you dipping your hand back in the bag for seconds and even thirds. 

Courtesy of @junkpickers

Pink, red, and white colored candy with a hard milk and dark chocolate shell that melts in your mouth is stuffed with a decadent cake flavor that’ll almost make you want to share with your partner across the dinner table. 

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Wrapped in red heart packaging, these new M&M’s will surely make you and your partner skip dinner and go right to dessert, and you can find them already stocked on grocery store store shelving. 

Courtesy of @mmschocolate

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