You Can Play with Wolves At A Sanctuary In Washington And I’m On My Way Now

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There is a place, just north of Seattle, Washington, where you can go play with wolves. Nope, I’m not joking!


It’s called The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary, and it’s home to exotic animals — including wolves — that “find themselves without a place to live out their lives”

At this sanctuary, you can experience a 2-hour encounter with the wolves, as you walk amongst them in this 10-acre sanctuary that they call home.

This wolf encounter is offered 6-days per week, from 10-1pm. They are closed EVERY Sunday.

You can’t just show up, and ask to take play with wolves. You have to book your tour exclusively through Airbnb. There IS a waiting list, so make sure you plan out your vacation BEFORE you go.

THIS EXPERIENCE IS FOR 18 YEARS OR OLDER ONLY; NO EXCEPTIONS. Meet some our wolf dog ambassadors while visiting the Pacific Northwest! Just 1.5 hours North of Seattle, our wildlife refuge is nestled in 10 forested acres. We will introduce you to our mission and history with wolves and other exotic animals.

Predators of the Heart

Come enjoy Max and Kakoa, leash free, in their new 1/4 acre natural enclosure. Then walk through sun-dappled trails in our new 1 1/2 acre run with 7 of our 2-3 year old ambassadors in training. Old-growth trees tower overhead; the wolf dogs will lead you around their new open run, while our guide talks about wolves’ habitat, behavior, & the myths and misconceptions surrounding this apex predator.

Predators of the Heart

It’s not just wolves you may encounter at this sanctuary — while they are definitely the highlight. There are also predatory birds, foxes, cougars, and several reptiles.

While each animal has its own unique, sometimes tragic story, they share a common trait: they were all facing an uncertain future and possible death sentence before being adopted by our facility.

Predators of the Heart

Be smart before you go. Make sure you have done your research before just traipsing into a wolf enclosure.

They have had a couple incidents occur in the 20 years that they have been opened, but as far as we know, a human has never been attacked by one of the dogs.

So, get your tour booked, and plan to play and howl with the wolves! I want to see pictures of your trip!

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