Mom, it’s Fry-Day and a Did-Did Day!

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Okay, so I love how in Halle’s mind things get a little jumbled up sometimes and turn out more awesome than I could ever make them on my own…

Let’s take for example… My parents are living part time in Miami, and when Halle asked my mom where she was going she said “Miami” and halle said, “Have fun in Yourami YA!” And then, when she was talking to my dad… she asked him if he was enjoying Ya’sami. And so…. My parents are now living part time in Ya’sami. This makes me happy.

Today my dad is flying home from Ya’sami and he is taking Hal with him back to his house. So, this morning when she woke me up she asked me, “Mom do you know it’s A Did-Did Day?”
And I said, “Oh yes Halle are you excited?”
Then she said, “And we get french fries and nuggets from Old Mcdonalds (Another one of my favorite Hal-isms)” and I was like, “huh?”

“Uh, mom you said Did-did day was Fry-day, right?”

“I guess I did…”

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