Insomnia my old friend…

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Well, it isn’t really insomnia so much as I get my days and nights confused, and before I know it I am staying up all night and then tired as all get out all day.  I HATE when this happens.  It is one of the many downfalls of stay at home momness and not really having to rely on a schedule to do my every day life things.

I get super tired at like seven in the evening… drag butt until like nine… put the girl to bed, and fall asleep until about three-ish… come to think of it… isn’t that actually like how grandparents do things?  Crazy weird sleep schedules like that?

Should I make calendars this year?  It is getting KINDA close to Christmas to be making that decision… but everyone just loved them… soooooo…. I am thinking that I should make them, and they are something super cool that Hal can give her grandparents… but we could instead do cute little holiday ornaments for everyone… or I could just do a bi pile of them for myself… There are such cute ideas for ornaments out there, and I am wanting to do my tree in a theme next year… so I was thinking I could even pick up things AFTER christmas and we could work all year to kind of come up with the perfect themed tree… Part of me thinks my life won’t exactly be complete until I own a pink tree…

Yeah, I even have it all picked out and everything… I am such a goob.  But what if I decide to have another kid and it’s a boy… well… let’s think about this… they probably won’t start hating pink for like… three years at least… and I am not pregnant NOW… so that is at least one more Christmas… and that gives us three years of a pink tree… HMMM… Now this is starting to be a plan!  I think I want it to be pink with pink and lime green ornaments… I could make little felt tree ornaments or something?!?  Right?  I mean… hey I am crafty, and it would give me and hal a cool project to do together… and then next year our tree would be super special.  But… I also REALLY like white trees… I think they are so friggin fabulous… and then I could do a blue/green/red/pink thing… I just don’t want to have the modge podge tree I have now… I mean, don’t get me wrong I LOVE our tree… but I want a theme to my Christmas Decorating, and I want it to be funky and fun… because I love all things funky and fun, you see.  🙂

Wow… stream of conciousness blogging much?!?1  That’s what happen when your sleep schedule gets all screwed up… you start writing about one thing, and your blog post ends up with a tree in it.


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